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Winter Season at Dubai Crocodile Park

Winter brings a whole new experience in the park!

In the warmer months you wouldn’t believe that we have 250 crocodiles living here as most of them stay in the water to cool down! They do however have a great feeding response and it’s always a treat to see them being fed!

But with the lower temperatures comes lower crocodile appetites. This means that naturally they don’t generally eat in the colder months.

We are, however, spoilt with all the crocodiles on the banks outside of the water, which is a great opportunity for all photography fanatics! Sipping a coffee on the terrace while enjoying the crocodile dominated views, meeting the baby crocodiles, and meandering along the paths to the crocodile museum and aquarium, ensures an experience like no other in Dubai!

Come and see our latest additions to our family in the museum as well as meeting our cuties in the daily by crocodile encounters!

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